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Treat yourself to something good, a break from everyday life, a culinary journey through refined courses that will put a smile on your face.


Not only for hygienic reasons, but also so that you can completely let yourself go and indulge in enjoyment, we do not hand out a menu. Our menu is based on recommendation and the menu on our website serves as a guide. Of course, our classics from the charcoal grill, the daily fresh meat and fish products, as well as the vegetables fresh from the market, remain part of our pampering program. 



Discover my world of delights.

Mauri’s La Casa is the manifested symbol and passion of my art, which is not only reflected in the kitchen, but also in the finest details and design of my new restaurant.

It is a great pleasure for me to finally being able to share and enjoy my very own little world of delights with you.

Mauri’s La Casa is more than just a restaurant. It is my vision, a dream since childhood and a condensed reflection of my lifestyle. It is my life’s work in which I take so much pride.

I hope you will discover the distinctive features, the little finesses and various curiosities. I wish you a lot of fun and as much excitement as I experience here each day. A proverb says: When joy makes the heart beat faster, you will feel more alive!

I love the miracle of life!
Mauri’s La Casa is one of them.

Our Location

Mauri’s La Casa is situated directly in the beautiful Feusisberg featuring a picturesque view over Lake Zurich.


Warm colours, natural materials and a charcoal grill ensure that our vision of high quality and sustainability is reflected in the dining room as well.

For unforgettable moments

Whether a romantic date for two, unforgettable company events or a gorgeous wedding celebration, we are happy to welcome you anytime.

Charcoal grill

On our charcoal grill we prepare tasty meals for you, which stimulate the 5th sense of taste thanks to the smoke and roasting aromas.

Summer terrace

Immerse yourself in a Mediterranean world without leaving the country. Our summer terrace invites you to linger on nice days and the cozy ambience immediately awakens a “Dolce Vita” flair.

Rooftop terrace

Enjoy the picturesque view over lake Zurich from our rooftop terrace, which can be booked for private events from 10 people.

Passionate caterers

Our team is dedicated to give you a warm welcome and make you feel like home.

Our philosophy

Guaranteed homemade

An old German proverb says: Imagination is the queen of recipes. And since all our dishes are homemade, imagination knows no limits.

We want to inspire, captivate and surprise you. This is only possible if fresh & seasonal products are used and everything – from bread, pasta specialities to sorbet – is produced in-house.

The result is a perfectly balanced symbiosis of aromas which will accompany you on your culinary journey.

Everything starts with the dough


We prepare our doughs by hand according to traditional Italian recipes, which we have further improved for you.

Rolling out is very important


For pasta to become “Al Dente”, the right thickness and texture of the dough is very important, which is why we roll it out numerous times.

Bringing into shape


Not only as an athlete it is crucial to be in good shape. The shape of the pasta strongly contributes to how much sauce it absorbs and is therefore elementary for an exquisite culinary experience.

Order in delicious variations


For every pasta speciality, the right sauce is created so you can enjoy a varied selection of refined pasta dishes.


Food is our way of life.

Let us take you on a journey of flavours and aromas that will delight you and your loved ones with newly interpreted classics and exquisite family recipes.



Salads fresh from the fields, a refined tartare and reinterpreted classics like our Carpaccio made by family recipe immediately whet the appetite for more.

Primo Piatti


Homemade ravioli, tortellini and other fresh pasta delicacies will take you directly to the Italian Riviera.

Secondi Piatti


Meat specialities from the grill, fresh fish & delicious vegetarian dishes round off your main course perfectly.



How about a white chocolate peanut mousse or a homemade sorbet topped with fruit? The perfect end to your culinary journey.


Specialities from the charcoal grill.

Our charcoal grill, located right inside the restaurant, provides a very special ambience. Let yourself be pampered by our numerous fantastic grilled specialities, because hardly anything can aromatise food better than wood and fire.


Dorfstrasse 10
8835 Feusisberg

Opening hours



Wednesday - Friday
11:30  15:00
18:00  00:00

18:00  00:00

11:30 – 19:00


We are looking forward to your reservation inquiry.

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