Mauri's La Casa

Mauri’s La Casa is the manifested allegory and the passion of my art, which are not only reflecting in my kitchen as far more in all the litte details of my dreamworld Mauri’s La Casa. To create my very own world caused me so much joy that I hardly couldn’t wait to share and glory it with you.

Mauri’s La Casa is more than just a restaurant. Mauri’s La Casa is my way of pure lifestyle. My from childhood ongoing Vision, externalised in all the sundry rooms which you are looking at right now. Various components make the Mauri’s la Casa cumulative an emotional masterpiece.

It is my life’s work, my whole pride.

I hope, you discover the characteristics, specifics and little finesses and various wonders which catches your eye by every instance. I wish you a lot of pleasure, like they delight my heart every day. They say you never feel as alive as when your heart skips a beat. I guess that is true.

I love life and i love wonders.

Mauri’s La Casa is one of them.


Among my guests their a lot of VIP’s who feel very comfortable in my company. A lot of them i consider as friends.