My dearest friends and lovers of the Italian cuisine,

At a very young age I arrived from Italy in Zurich i the 70s. Very frequently I get overwhelmed by beautiful memories of my childhood and my home in bella Italia. Moms famous served Polpette tasted intense and wonderful. Tomatoes, Nutmeg and Parcley, just to name a few ingredients where always combined specially and never just average. Life literally was about Mothers kitchen table and cooking art, just how things need to be in a real traditional Italian family. Occasionally our relatives back in Italy sent us goodie packs from Lecce, the place where I am from. What a feast, what a treat! Delicate olive oil , piquant Salsiccia and fresh Oregano where only a few things of the many we did enjoy. Today i am aware of it, that the the Italian way of life with its distinctive dishes and potations were the magisterial reason, why i got and had to be cook and gastronome.

After successes like the Restaurant “La Rocca”, located in the heart of Zurich City from 1992 – 2013 and other notable projects like “Mamma Leone” and “Don Leone” where I was actively part in the Concepts and Strategies, I finally decided to open another restaurant in 2017. The restaurant to be frankly honest – my personal childs dream – The “Mauri’s La Casa” on the beautiful hills of Feusisberg.

I rebuilt and renovated my Design Restaurant “Mauri’s La Casa – Kitchen with heart” from scratch. What an adventure. My Team and I will always be endeavoured to serve and thrill you with the best culinary specialities and variations from my Italian hometown. We share our passion and love for great food. Our daily homemade fresh dishes will enthuse you. This is our daily goal.

I wish you a tasty and hearty Appetite!

Your Mauri

The Tavolata- an Italian tradition - means for me to bring family, friends and loved ones to one table.